New bows up in the store!

After months of painstaking planning and late nights hand-making bows, Mon Chéri Bow is finally going to open for business!  Mark your calendars for August 7th, 2014!  

Every purchase comes with a sweet treat or two!  Order a bow while supplies last.

Find out more about us at moncheribow.  Most of the posts are from our instagram of fabric shopping adventures.  You can see behind the scenes shots of bows being made and even vote on our next bow in the near future!

Come shop Mon Chéri Bow at storenvy~

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    Come and show some support for my shop opening in just two days!
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    Check out my online shop! New designs will come in weekly!
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    I don’t ever ask you guys for much but I hope that you can help me out with this. Please spread the word for the grand...
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    You should make a one piece bow! I would want to buy it. But they all look really cool, its awesome that their handmade.